Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Ground Hog Day!

And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Diane... little rodent.

So the new specials are up on the website - go check them out

The tuna one was a HUGE hit when we did it last in 2007... not sure how we managed to skip over it in 2008... That one is definitely a limited quantity item - we get a delivery of it once a week and once it's gone - it's gone until the next delivery (which I believe is on Wednesday). If you are coming in specifically for that one you might want to call ahead or ask your server right when you get in!

For those of you planning ahead - we will be open at BOTH locations on Saturday, February 14th. Valentine's Day was always such a busy night for us with both To-Go orders and Dine In we hope that having both open will make room for everyone that wants to celebrate with us.

Also - please be sure you are ordering your to go from the correct location... so far I think we've only had a couple of instances where someone called one location and came to pick up at the other one... we want your food to be hot and fresh when you pick it up!

Ok - off to check and see if I see my shadow - I always check later in the afternoon - and if I do? It's time for a LEMON DROP! :) (here's hoping for a tiny bit of sun...)