Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Specials!!

We are really losing our patience with Mother Nature around here... Don't get me wrong - we know that all this rain makes our state lush and green - but when we have things PLANNED for our customers and then she interferes? Well - that's not cool with me!

We will let you all know as soon as we get Ty & the boys re-scheduled, and we have some new faces and old friends that will be appearing in the coming weeks so stay tuned for details. Best place to get all the info will be on our Facebook page, so if you aren't already "Liking" us, (why did you have have to stop being FANS?) be sure to click on over and do so.

We are changing things up just a bit on our Monthly Specials for now... since we just added all those great new appetizers last month, we have decided to forgo our monthly Appetizer Special and ADD a monthly Cocktail Special. This month's is DEEEElicious (Dustin, our bartender extraordinaire is often called "D" around here, so it fits!).

We also have FRESH LOCAL strawberries - you know how short the season is, so be sure to come and get them as often as you can! We will be getting from 2 of our favorite local farms again this summer: Fordyce Farms and Green Villa Farms. Links to their websites are on the side of the blog - be sure to visit them if you are out and about this summer!

This month's specials:
Orange Drop Martini
Our twist on the Classic Lemon Drop – We use fresh squeezed orange juice, add Blood Orange Vodka & a splash of Aranciata Pelligrino then serve it with a house-made Citrus Sugared rim. Delicious!

Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad
Bowtie Pasta with our House Smoked Salmon, fresh tomatoes and green beans tossed with a lemon-dill dressing 13
WINE SUGGESTION: Le Rote Vernacia Glass: 8, Bottle: 28

Gnocchi tossed with a savory Sausage and Roasted Garlic tomato sauce 12
WINE SUGGESTION: Root:1 Cabernet Sauvignon or Cubanissimo Pinot Noir
Glass: 8, Bottle: 28

Fire Roasted Asparagus Ravioli (hand-made in house!) with Browned Butter and Tarragon 12
WINE SUGGESTION: Il Pino Pino Grigio or Masciarelli Montepulciano
Glass: 4, Bottle: 14

Lemon Panna Cotta with FRESH LOCAL Strawberries!
WINE SUGGESTION: Tualatin Estate Frizzante Semi-Sparkling Muscat