Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Holiday Season!

This year has flown by... I can hardly believe that we've been downtown for almost 2 years! It hardly seems possible - and yet the calendar doesn't lie. We have some new specials this month that I think are going to be really popular...(I've actually already posted them, so those of you lurking around are getting a sneak peak before the Noodle News subscribers!)

We have a Ravioli special (all our ravioli are made in house by Robert himself... if you're eating a ravioli in our restaurant you KNOW who made it - not too many places in town can say that!) that's a vegetarian's delight - roasted root vegetables just scream winter and this month Rob managed to coax so much flavor out of those little guys that even meat eaters will enjoy this dish!

We really feel that Gnocchi is about as comforting and hearty as it gets, so we have another stick to your ribs special this month with those yummy little nuggets of potato goodness... This time they're snuggled up with BACON. Be still my heart...

We also brought back a really popular baked dish from a few years ago - Chicken Tetrazzini... We take fresh linguine, chicken and mushrooms and bath it all in a sherry cream sauce. If that's not enough we top if off with some fresh bread crumbs and bake it til it's golden brown and delicious.

Dessert this month is a taste-treat that has always been popular - inspired my mom, it's a Triple Ginger layer cake, Candied Ginger, Ginger and Ginger Snaps all make an appearance in this cake covered with a downy blanket of cream cheese frosting.

We also have music scheduled every Friday and Saturday night from 8-10 p.m. and we are serving our entire menu until 10 p.m. as well... we offer a great place to come with friends or family from out of town to enjoy a late meal and then hang out for some great music and cocktails while still being able to enjoy having some space and time to chat.

We have ONE more Sunday left available for a private party if anyone is interested in the 12th of December, we can accomodate up to 50 or so people, and we don't charge a rental fee for the use of the restaurant! Email janet@willamettenoodle.com if you are interested. Speaking of schedules, we will close early on Christmas Eve, and will be closed on Christmas Day, so our hard-working employees can relax and enjoy the holiday with their families.

Oh, one last thing... Rumor has it there will be some gifts for our dining customers coming soon - there are some beautiful colored envelopes sitting on my desk just waiting for me to fill them with treats and treasures for our guests to enjoy in 2011!

Happy December! ~Janet