Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok - I want to know what YOUR favorite summer things are! Post here and at the end of the month we will give away a gift certificate (or two) to our favorite entries! Points will be given for creativity and humor! Of course, if you want to come in and DRAW your favorite SUMMER things, we will accept entries that way too!

I shared a few of my favorite things in this month's Noodle News, but I'll add a few more here:

6. Long drives to nowhere in particular with "road trip" music on the iPod!
5. Fireworks (even though my 4th of July babies HATE them, I LOVE them. Especially with music.)
4. BIG STICK POPSICLES - the original ones - Cherry and Pineapple, none of that Orange and Strawberry fake knock-off stuff. They discontinued them several years ago - but I just bought 2 boxes at the grocery store last week!! YAY!!!
3. Summer toes. Even better when they are in cute sandals.
1. ICE CREAM. (This will always be my number one answer - regardless of the season).

Okay folks - let's hear what you have to say!