Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Menu Items... and some other touches too!

We have some really delicious news! We now offer ALL of our entrees (yes, even the LASAGNA!) in LUNCH portions with LUNCH pricing. We realized that while our standard dinner size portions were a great value (and some people really like taking half for lunch the next day) many folks either don't have the ability to take leftovers or just wanted a smaller size meal. So we listened and noodled on it a bit (sorry - couldn't resist, it was RIGHT THERE!) and we decided the time was right to introduce a RIGHT SIZED portion for lunch.

We also wanted to implement the next phase of "7 Years In - Perfecting the Plan" and it involves some little touches that we really love, and hope you will too. First of all, we have a fantastic Garlic Dipping Oil that now comes with our lovely breads. Oh sure, we still have butter, but no one's asking for it! We are also grating parmesan table-side. While we had our own special blend of freshly grated cheeses before, we feel that NOTHING beats "grated before your eyes" freshly grated Parmesan. Angel Hair? Yep. It's on the menu. And you know you can substitute any of our regular pastas for another at no charge, right? If you didn't know that, then I sincerely apologize, because it means that we haven't done a good enough job of letting you know that we really do want you to be happy with what you order. So if you'd much rather have Rigatoni, but you felt like you always had to stick with the Spaghetti when you ordered the Puttanesca, now you know.

NEW MENU ITEMS! I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about the new menu items... We have a new meat sauce that is more authentic old world style - Nana's Sunday Gravy. Beef, braised until tender with our secret family recipe of flavorings, and then married with our rich and hearty marinara sauce - it's absolutely mouthwatering. We also have a new lighter Tomato Cream Sauce - our signature Pink Vodka sauce. This is amazing with Shrimp and Angel Hair pasta, as well as our hand made three cheese ravioli. There's Eggplant Parmesan, a new eggplant pasta with our version of a Romesco Sauce (the traditional version has both nuts and bread, but we've eliminated them in our recipe so our friends with allergies and gluten sensitivities can enjoy it as well!). The Romesco also comes with our show-stopper of an appetizer - the almond stuffed dates wrapped with bacon. Several of our staff had never tried dates, and these bowled them over. Morsels of sweet, salty chewy deliciousness.

The other piece of our current "renovation" will come with time, and that is the elavation of all things related to service. Rob and I will both be on hand to check on you more often than we have been able to this past year and a half. Growing to 2 restaurants with 30+ employees was a huge step - and it took me away from what I loved about our business - YOU! So look for us when you stop in - and please introduce yourself if we haven't met yet. We offer you our personal guarantee, that if you are not happy with your meal then we will fix it for you. All you have to do is let us know.

We continue to book live music several nights every month, and our cocktails and late night offerings are also becoming more popular. We are also adding monthly "Special Events" on Sundays, like this week's upcoming WINE AND DINE, 5 course meal with Grand Vines. A few tickets are still available, please call Maggie at Grand Vines 503-399-9463, to get yours!

If you've gotten to this point, thanks for hanging in there! And thank you for coming along on this ride with us. We've had a blast and we think there are plenty more good times to come. :)